The Boho Ritual

Megan's Signature facial treatment. This facial is roughly 90 minutes and features Botnia Skincare and holistic modalities to reset the nervous system, provide relaxation, and give you that glow from the inside out! Featuring the use of sound bowls, crystal grids, holistic modalities, muscle stimulation, and her signature facial massage.

90 Min $300

The Welcome Facial

A 50 minute facial customized every step of the way. This includes a consultation prior to the facial to get to know your skin, routine, and goals. For new clients only.

50 min + consult $97

70 min + consult $140

Reset and Recharge

This facial is customized every step of the way for a one of a kind treatment. A time based facial allows me to treat your skin in the best possible way. Ingredients and modalities are chosen based on the current state of your skin and what your skin goals and concerns are. For existing clients only.

50 Min $97

70 Min $140

Geneo Enhancement

This 3-in-1 machine exfoliates, oxygenates, and nourishes the skin. First, it creates a gentle non-invasive exfoliation. Next, using ultrasound, it enhances the penetration of targeted serums. Finally, the neo-massage process helps deeply infuse active ingredients and stimulate the lymphatic system.

add on to any facial +$60

stand alone 30 minute service $100


Are you holding alot of stress in the face? This mini treatment is all about releasing tension in the muscles with massage. Includes optional use of the muscle stimulator for an extra lift and sculpt. Ideal for anyone feeling a bit stressed, or for maintenance between facial appointments.

30 min $50

Our esthetician

Meet Megan!

Megan first found her passion to become an esthetician while living in Los Angeles. She returned to her hometown of Dallas, Texas to study at the Aveda Arts and Sciences Insitute. Post graduation, she worked at one of Dallas's best waxing studios before deciding to return to Los Angeles to pursue a career in esthetics. While in California, Megan worked with some of the top estheticians in the industry and the love for her craft grew exponentially.

Megan's facial treatments offered within the salon feature holistic modalities while incorporating plant based skincare. Her favorite part of every facial is her sculpting massage that aides in helping with lymphatic drainage within the face.