12 Rules Of Being a Powerful Woman


Ready to be the woman you were ALWAYS meant to be? 12 Rules of Being A Powerful Woman is a guidebook for the woman of today that is ready to transform her life, step into her power, and change the f***ing game for herself. Packed with uplifting rules, inspiring quotes from trailblazing women, mindset transforming daily mantras, and a spirited manifesto, this book will have you ready to live each day as a truly unstoppable woman.It's time to become the powerful women we have always had inside of each and every one of us...and to look damn good while doing it! Get ready to have unwavering confidence. To give yourself permission. To realize your true inner strength. To have a renewed sense of who you are. To embrace your undeniable beauty. To have a fire ignited inside of your heart. Its time to become the powerful woman you were ALWAYS meant to be.